NTBA Code of Ethics & Professionalism

Beginning in 2011, all NTBA members are required to sign the following Code of Ethics & Professionalism. The newly formed Ethics & Professionalism Committee will arbitrate complaints about any NTBA member in good standing using this code as a standard. The committee will consist of two NTBA board members as well as a representative of the carrier community. It is the goal of the committee to arbitrate complaints and insure that NTBA members adhere to the Code of Ethics & Professionalism.

  • A member shall deal with fairness, honesty, responsibility and integrity with customers, transportation and other suppliers, industry colleagues, the general public and fellow NTBA members.

  • A member shall make prompt payment for all contractual obligations.

  • To invite innovation that creates efficiencies in the transportation industry

  • A member shall abide by lawful agreements to which his or her company is party, including agreements with shippers, consignees, carriers and other freight brokers.

  • A member shall promote and subscribe to best business practices that promote the safety, success and viability of the freight brokerage community and the transportation industry as a whole.

  • A member shall never knowingly engage in any practice which harms or corrupts the integrity of the freight brokerage community, the larger transportation industry, any governing authorities or the NTBA.

  • A member’s failure to agree to abide by the decisions of the Ethics & Professionalism Committee shall result in suspension from the NTBA.