Ensuring that freight brokerage is properly classified in a group that recognizes workers risk factors

UPDATE April 5, 2018 – potential changes coming to WSIB Rate Framework regarding brokers and couriers. NTBA will be addressing these changes in an interactive presentation and Q&A with WSIB VP of Employer Services, Sean Baird, at the NTBA Dinner Session on April 26th (more details to follow)

UPDATE November 28, 2005 – as a result of months of negotiations with WSIB Ontario, the NTBA has been successful in meeting members objectives by securing a proper classification for freight brokerage in Ontario, reducing the payroll rate from $5.68 to $0.29 (per $100 of payroll) and retroactive to January 1, 2005.


Ensuring that freight brokerage is not adversely affected by provincial, state or federal legislation and regulations

UPDATE Effective January 1, 2006 – Trust Accounts  mandatory for all Ontario based companies who broker freight, including carriers, interline carriers, 3PLs, warehousemen, ground freight forwarders – Highway Traffic Act, Ontario.


Ensuring that freight brokerage is recognized as an integral participant of the distribution cycle as it relates to national and international security